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Definition of Homelessness

Canadians define homelessness as the state of a person, family, or an unstable community that is unsafe, with inappropriate housing.

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Causes of Homelessness

The causes of homelessness revolve around cumulative structural factors, failure of the systems, and personal situations.

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Preventing Homelessness

Success in curbing homelessness is achievable if proper prevention strategies are employed.

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Volunteer Management

The main aim of volunteer management is to come up with a trained team of volunteers who will participate in administering the PiT counts surveys.

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Homeless people in the city

What Causes Homelessness in Canada? Unearthing The Root Cause

Homelessness is a significant problem in Canada. Currently, the estimated number of homeless people stands at 235,000 people. So it’s no surprise that the causes of homelessness are varied and complex.
Donating items such as mattresses to organizations and initiatives that address homelessness can profoundly impact the lives of those in need.
However, addressing homelessness requires a multifaceted approach, and while donating can make a difference, it is only one part of the …

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Practical Steps for Helping People Dealing with Homelessness

Upcoming cold weather is always bad news for people dealing with homelessness. Moreover, just the mere view of people wandering on the streets with thin clothing in such cold weather is enough for someone to take pity and feel the urge to help. However, giving them items like CBD creams for pain relief would not solve the problem in these situations.
Although it may sound easy to do, making an actual impact on these people’s lives is different.
There is still something beyond giving them money to survive in a few days. Some empowering organizations aim to provide long-term help to people living on the roads and plan to …

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Smoking Among the Homeless

Smoking Among the Homeless

There are many reasons why homeless people in society smoke Vape equipment. Most of the victims start using tobacco products before becoming homeless. Those who become homeless while addicted to tobacco products find it hard to stop the smoking habit.
Some of the factors that may cause continued smoking among the homeless include psychological or emotional challenges for being homeless and stress. Chances are even higher for those who have lost their livelihood and homes unexpectedly. Vaping is also a common habit among the homeless.
The tobacco industry has been in the limelight for …

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Cost Analysis of Homelessness

The report released in 2013 shows homelessness cost of $7.05 billion annually, an increase from $4.5 billion in 2007. The price is inclusive of the emergency shelters and community supports emergency costs, among others.
Further research done in 2005 showed that the costs of Canadian towns and institutional response costs range from $66,000 to $120,000 every year. The price for emergency shelters ranges between $13,000 to $42,000 supportive and transitional housing ranges between thirteen thousand to eighteen thousand dollars while affordable housing costs range …

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Ending Homelessness

The best long-term approach to end homelessness is through a sufficient supply of secure, cost-effective, and appropriate housing. This focus on reliable systems that will ensure the homes get accommodation and other supports via the Housing First programs. The homeless include women in violence, native people, families, teens, and the elderly, access affordable housing through the program. Some of the adopted strategies include;

$8.6million for Canadian homeowners and the annual tax plan with extra benefits for the …

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