Estimates of Homelessness in Canada per Year

Approximating the number of homeless individuals in Canada has for long resulted in heated arguments. According to the Homelessness Partnering Secretariat (HPS) report, more than a hundred thousand persons experience homelessness in Canada annually.

 The major transformation has increased to communities applying the Point-in-Time counts to get the exact number of homeless individuals in one night. According to the National Shelter report, more than 200,000 individuals are left homeless in a particular year. The unhoused numbers are increasing since such people are not included in emergency shelters.

IPSOS Reid poll produced an estimate that showed 1.3 million individuals experience homelessness or live in unsafe housing. On a particular night, the report shows at least 35,000 individuals experience homelessness.

  1. Emergency shelter beds increased by 600 beds in a given year.
  2. Violence against women shelters has risen by over 2,000 beds from the Point-in-Time counts.
  3. The unsheltered population is estimated to be 2880, representing 20 people for a hundred individuals in the shelter system.
  4. Short-term accommodation facilities for4000 people. This represents 31 individuals for every 100 emergency shelter residents.
  5. The use of shelters yearly for the homeless population is estimated to be over 200,000

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