The problems of homelessness are addressed in various myths and tales, believing it’s an individual choice while others think it is due to laziness. The causes of homelessness revolve around cumulative structural factors, failure of the systems, and personal situations.

1. Structural factors

Scarcity and related economic problems have a significant influence on available opportunities and social settings for folks. Transitions of the national and domestic economy increase individuals’ chances to have sufficient food and housing salary.

2. Poverty factors

Vulnerable individuals cannot cater to their necessities like food, housing, clothing, healthcare, and education. The affected persons can end up living in the streets if the situation is not curbed.

3. Housing factors

Lack of affordable, secure, or stable housing has a share in homelessness increase. Inadequate affordable housing has majorly been due to discrimination in employment opportunities, justice, beneficial services, and racism.

4. System failures

When systems and other strategies fail, the vulnerable will look for support from the homelessness industry. Examples of failing systems include transformation in childcare programs, discharging patients in hospitals, and complex changes in addiction facilities.

  • Personal-related Issues such as traumatic incidents because of a job loss, crisis in the family, mental health issues can increase homelessness and other health issues.
  • Domestic Violence among families is currently on the rise. This may result in most teens, elderly, and women running from their homes and end up facing homelessness.