The main aim of volunteer management is to come up with a trained team of volunteers who will participate in administering the PiT counts surveys.

  • With the PiT counts it becomes easy for the general public to learn about the problems of homelessness and get in touch with involved people.
  • With well trained volunteers, it becomes easy to minimize the cost of PiT counts which gives a chance to more fulsome approach. Among the people you can recruit as volunteers include social workers, healthcare employees and outreach employees. 
  • The counts make it easy to work with an extensive range of stakeholders who are involved in addressing issues of homelessness.
  • Enhancing the process of the following PiT counts is achieved through working with a team of trained volunteers which result to a win-win outcome where, more skills are acquired at a reduced cost.
  • The Count Toolkit consists of guide and resources involved in the volunteer management process. The PiT counts will work effectively if volunteers from the Youth Cunts as well as members of the public are involved. With the Youth Count, it becomes easy to create awareness as well as have the youth homelessness ended.