Ending Homelessness

The best long-term approach to end homelessness is through a sufficient supply of secure, cost-effective, and appropriate housing. This focus on reliable systems that will ensure the homes get accommodation and other supports via the Housing First programs. The homeless include women in violence, native people, families, teens, and the elderly, access affordable housing through the program. Some of the adopted strategies include;

  • $8.6million for Canadian homeowners and the annual tax plan with extra benefits for the middle earners.
  • For the last years, Canada has spent on affordable housing reducing the number of homeless per year.
  • The Homelessness partnering strategy has addressed homelessness issues through an approach that has not been fruitful in the long run.
  • Homelessness in Canada is also ended through inadequate housing investment for vulnerable Canadians.
  • We are investing more funds in persons who do not require assistance than those with more needs resulting in a strain in the entire economy.
  • A robust housing investment approach would cost the Canadian economy less compared to the costs of homelessness.
  • Increase the yearly government funding on affordable housing with the intervention of Canadian housing and renewal associations.
  • Come up with more improved ways of solving chronic and episodic homelessness in Canada as the government promotes affordable housing in the future.

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