“See them, help them, care for them.” – Hannah

Hannah’s Letter to people who are homeless

My name is Hannah Taylor, and even though I might not know all of your names – I want you to know I care.

When you are under a bridge, and it is -40 below…I care.

When you have to line up for food – outside a soup kitchen…I care.

When you are being told to sleep on the street….I care.

When you are lost and alone…I care.

Caring is not just a word for me. My caring for you comes from my heart. Maybe you don’t know this, but I decided a long time ago-my caring for you would come from my voice.

I carry each one of you inside my heart and when I speak to the people of the world about hunger and homelessness, and how we must care about you all – my voice shows how much I love and care for each one of you.

My wish is that nobody is without a home, without food and that everyone is loved and cared for. But that is not the way our world is.

So my hope is that hearts will connect in caring, and your lives and all our lives will be made better.
You are never along because I care.

My dream is that each and every homeless heart will find love and care.You are my wish, my hope, my dream.

I care.

Love, Hannah


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