The Ladybug Hub was established to cater to homelessness by giving one a chance to find information on homelessness.

The platform accommodates various parties such as the Government, academia, plus social service providers who employ research differently. The latest resources aim at curbing homelessness, native persons, LGBT2S incidents, teenagers, among others.

Some of the mechanisms are;

  • The homelessness hub integrates the native culture and the exceptional experiences of the native people.
  • The Canadian definition of Homelessness and typology updates enhance perspective, replies, and measurement to homelessness in Canada, especially in addressing complicated issues.
  • The needs of the LGBTQ2S teens facing homelessness in Canada are handled via the book ‘Where Am I Going to GO.’
  • An outline on how to curb homelessness and its traumatizing effects across Canada.
  • The toolkit with Point-in-Time (PIT) supports the communities to execute the counts.

Contribute to the Ladybug Hub

In case you have research, video reports, and other materials related to homelessness, call us now to have them added to the hub library.