Homelessness myths are many, but the misinformation has been a significant issue resulting in stigma among society members. The myths include;

1. Lazy People experience homelessness. 

Fact: The ease for survival to the homeless result in a constant search for life necessities, like food, clothing, a salary. But the challenges such people face are immense to the extent of one not having an option to be lazy.

2. People select to be homeless.

Fact: many factors contribute to homelessness and not an individual choice. In the real sense, eviction, affordable housing issues, mental disorders contribute to the homelessness experiences.

3. The addicts experience homelessness.

Fact: Most homeless do not fight with substance addiction or other abuse issues. The homeless work hard to deal with big problems related to homelessness, such as trauma or mental disorders.

4. A variety of support programs assists the homeless.

Fact: the variety of support programs prioritize urgent needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. There is a need to pay attention to address other factors such as affordable housing to help homeless people get a suitable shelter.

5. Homelessness results in Property devaluation

Fact: most of the densely populated areas accommodating most homeless still record increased housing rates. All that is required is to have a fair distribution of supports and services to the homeless.

6. The Homeless should look for employment.

Fact: even the employed experience homelessness; however, getting a job while facing homelessness is twice challenging. Other issues come up even when it employment resulting in part-time jobs for the homeless.